Tower and Antenna Services

Photo Gallery of What We Do…


When it comes to towers, we do it all.  Below is a list of all of our services we offer.

Antenna installations


Torque-arm installation

Anchor restoration and reconstruction

Hanging small and large coaxes

Patching, splicing and weatherproofing


Welding and reinforcing

Installation of coax hard-lines

Foundation Work and Concrete reinforcing

Height Additions

Ground planes

Installation of de-icers

Guy wire replacement


Leak detection

Waveguide installation

Tower and site inspections

Dismantling and demolition

Complete turn-key jobs


All electrical work

Installation of safety climbs

Plumb and tensioning

Lightning protection

Reglassing or rebuilding beacons

Installation of conduit

Tower modification and upgrades

All civil work

Tower erection; Guyed and Self-supporting towers