Tower and Antenna Services

Photo Gallery of What We Do…


When it comes to towers, we do it all.  Below is a list of all of the services we offer.

Antenna installations


Torque-arm installation

Anchor restoration and reconstruction

Installation of small and large coaxes

Patching, splicing and weatherproofing of antennas and coaxes

Grounding- EIA and Motorola 56

Welding and reinforcing

Installation of rigid hard-lines

Foundation Work and Concrete reinforcing

Height Additions

Ground planes

Installation of de-icers

Guy wire replacement


Leak detection

Waveguide installation

Tower and site inspections

Dismantling and demolition

Complete turn-key jobs


All electrical work

Installation of safety climbs

Plumb and tensioning

Lightning protection

Reglassing or rebuilding beacons

Installation of conduit

Tower modification and upgrades

All civil work including fencing and stone work

Tower erection; Guyed and Self-supporting towers