Below is a list of Customer references.  Please feel free to contact them concerning any work we have done for them.


Chuck Carroll-WFCA  1-662-547-6414

We installed an 8-bay FM antenna for him at 1000 feet and painted his tower .  Chuck is one of the kindest men you will ever meet.

Bobby Caldwell-East Arkansas Broadcasters  1-870-278-8141

We replaced a 6-bay FM antenna on his tower near Jonesboro, Arkansas at 1000 feet.  We also erected a 540 foot guyed tower for him in Hughes, Arkansas.  Bobby is a great man and it is always a pleasure to speak with him.

Jim Alexander-East Arkansas Broadcasters  1-479-264-6637

Jim is an engineer for Bobby Caldwell and an awesome man to work with.  He is thorough and decisive, and is a good, down home engineer. 

Gary Bridgeman-WRD Entertainment  1-870-793-4198

We have performed numerous projects for Gary, one being the erection of a 475 foot guyed tower near Salem, Arkansas.  Gary is the manager for WRD Entertainment and has been a very good client for many years.  The picture of the header on this page is his antenna.

Dave Brown-WITY  1-217-446-1312

Dave is a very gentle and kind man with a great talent for detail.  We performed an anchor installation, guy wire change-out for him on his 3-tower array AM site.  We also painted those 3 towers.