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Sabre Solid Rod Tower 100' X 4' Face
100′ Sabre tower with 4′ face.  All weld and all solid rod construction.  2 torque arms and tower base.  $5,000.00.








250′ Self-Supporting Tower For Sale: $25,000.00.
This is a solid leg tower with angle iron diagonals. There are (12) 20′ sections and (1) 10 section. Call 1-800-292-7181 for more details.
250′ Self-Supporter: $25,000.00. Call 1-800-292-7181 for more details.

100′ Pirod heavy-duty self-supporting tower: $6,000.00.

Thermal Arc Welder-Engine runs, welder does not work: $1,500.00.

Tulsa Electric Winch with 1/4″ wire rope: $1,000.00.

New Rohn 65G Base Section: $500.00.

Ramsey Winch with 1/8″ wire rope: $800.00.

Tulsa Winch w/rack: $300.00.

Tulsa Winch w/capstan: $300.00.

New ENG Control Cable w/connector on both ends: $5,000.00.

Andrew FSJ4 1/2″ Coax: $3.00 per foot.

(3) ERI Anchors for 1000 foot tower: $1,000.00 each

ERI 2-bay antenna: Call for information. 800-292-7181

B-Line Cooper equipment rack: $300.00.

Dialectric 5-bay FM antenna: Call for information. 800-292-7181

Shively 3-bay FM antenna w/radomes: Call for information. 800-292-7181

If you would like to know more about any of the items on this page, or are interested in purchasing, call us at 800-292-7181 or fill out the form on the right.

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